3 Thigs We Learned From Covid -19

Lets start with the fact that Covid-19, someway or another, has been a live changing event for all of us. The way we being acting along aour lives has and will change because of all that has happened. The best way to get over this episode of our lives (if we manage to keep ourselves alive) is to see it as an oppotunity, a new start, and go from there.

There is a lot to learn from this pandemic, we need to stand up and rebuild together

I'm sure there are lots of things that we all have learned from this terrible times, here are the ones I considered the most important of them all:

- Your freedom was not as guaranteed as you thought it was

One of the most important things that wwe learned and took for granted was our liberty. We would never thought in a million years, that from a day to another, the way you behaved and decided to deal with your life was no longer your own decision; that we had to obey certain new rules that governments gave to us. I'm not talking abot the reason why this happened; I'm just saying that it did happen, when we all thought that this was close to impossible to happen.

- The Job security that's Not

We been hearing for years and years about how people do not want to jump into entrepreneurship because of the security of having a job. What we learned from this pandemic is that that security was not secured at all; not only because people lost jobs like crazy because of the pandemis, but also because the first thing the business owners did was

either close the business or pay people half of their salaries, even when the business was not affected in a huge way by the Covid-19. For example, I have seen lots of casinos online that might lost a little profit, but not a lot to let people go or pay their workers half of the salary, but still they took advantage of the situation and did it.

What I learned from this, is that as long as you are an employee you are suggested to whatever your employee wants for you and you have little to no say about that. Put that into mind.

- It's Good to spend time with your family; at least with the right members

One good thing that has happened with this Covid-19 pandemic is that parents have more time to spend with their kids at home due to the lack of work and turns into more time. On the downside, it has been exposed that some people, I mean couples, are not meant to

be together at home for such a long time. Some couples are already thinking about divorcing and splitting after this pandemic is over. Sometimes you only need to be with each other enough time to do activities that enrich both in the couple, but not to much time so that you don't get tired of each other and start exposing things that you hate from each other.

One Thing I do Know

The pandemic showed us that we are a weak race that is easy to kill by a simple creature like a virus; but also reminds us that we are a strong race as well and we always have overcomed this kind of outsiders that try to damage us. What Im trying to say here is that the sun will be shinning and we will come out of this one, as we always have.


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