4 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weigh; and its NOT the Tyroide

One of the biggest factors to succed in anything in life is not only to learn, but also to unlearn several things tht we were taught and are not right, or we are doing them wrong.

Pay attention to these factors that might not be letting you succeed in losing weight, you might learn something.

Consuming Vegetable Oils

We have been sold to vegetable oils being a much better alternative to butter or other kinds of oils; but recent studies found that vegetable oils are linked to Cancer, Diabetes. Alzheimer's, body inflamation, heart issues and Obesity.

The excesive amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids increase appetite and slow the rate at which our bodies burn fat.

Eating Too Much Fruit

Even tho fruits have a lot of nutrients on them, they are also packed with sugars. People do not understand that the amount of fruits eaten by week should be limited and that eating

a lot of fruit is just putting a lot of sugar into your bodies. Sugar is the worst enemy in your "losing weight" battle.

Excesive Cardio

People think that cardio is essencial and exclusive for weight lose; no, cardio is good for weight lose and to gain musscle also. The reason you should be doing cardio is for your heart, to make your heart pump up blood and do a little exercise there.

The reason why cardio is keeping you from losing weight is actually because you are doing too much cardio. People are getting into the bike or running for an hour, an hour and a half and some even for two hours. First, people think that they are burning more calories than the ones they are really burning; second, after an hour of cardio you get so tired, that the first thing you will do when you get home is to eat like an animal and not only eat as many calories as the ones you just burn, but sometimes even more.

Eating Several Times a Day

This is a concept that came to us a few years ago. People think that having small meals every 2 or 3 hours will keep them happy and they wont be consuming that many calories, WRONG. Studies say that people follow this program for a while and then they tend to eat more on every meal, consuming an excessive amount of calories at the end of the day. We have to remember that fat people are fat most of the time, because they can't control the

amount of food they take and will be in their nature to take more and more food as time goes.

As a conclusion; keep on reading, learn more things everyday, be open minded for new studies, and make sure you understand that not everything that has been taught to us is necessarly truth.

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