4 Things to IMPROVE YOURSELF during the lockdown

Whatever you think about the virus, if it is true or not; the reality is that most of the people in the world are stayiong at home, meaning that we have a little more time than we usually do. The question is, what are you doing with that extra time? You should use it by improving yourself daily on every aspect of life; make sure you are not just wasting it.

Here are a few options for you to spend your time on and you will become a better person by the time we all get back on the streets:

- Get in shape

Rember whe you used to say "I don't have time to go to the gym"; well, now you have plenty of time to exercise. "But gyms are closed". Yes, gyms are closed, but there are several options for you to exercise while being at home. You can check this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOgAnSwcQg0&t=423s as an option, just to name one; but you can find thousands of home workouts for beginners or advance in the internet that there is no excuse for you to not get in shape. You also have the option to go for a run or a simple walk. Be commited to get your body right, get healthier and feel better.

- Learn a new skill

Now is the perfect time to get on your computer and start learning new skills that will give you more options when you get out to the world again. After asking a few people about

which were the better skills to learn as an online beginner the best options were; copywritting, which is learning how to write in a way that you persuade people to take action on a certain thing. Other option was learning sales; this is a skill that everyone should learn, sales is everywhere, everyone is always selling. People could be selling on a store, but also they are selling themselves all the time with all the interactions they have with others. These could be learn on a plattform like Udemy (not sponsored), which I use, but most of your favorites entrepreneurs online has courses on this topics, a lot more expensive, but available.

No matter what it is you are learning, make sure that you are improving your skills instead of being wasting your time watching tv.

- Open an online business

Other option out there is to go ahead and open an online business right from your computer. Everything you see at the mall can be sold online, so go ahead and give yourself a chance to take a piece of that cake as well. Clothing, courses, shoes, watches; ehatever you like to sell is possible and you don't need a lot of money to do it. If you know nothing about it you can go to pages like godaddy.com, wix.com, wordpress (blogging). shopify, gumroad and more; and you can start any kind of business you ever wanted. Consider this an opportunity to start over and be your own boss.

- Spend quality time with your family

For those who will be coming back to a good job when the pandemic is over, take this time to spend it with your family. As we all know, life is about hard work, and that hardwork sometimes means not spending time with our love ones, so now is the time. Watch movies, go to the backyard with your kids, ride the bike with your wife/husband, have some quality time with them; when things get back to normal you will have no time again and you will regret not being able to have some with them.


Life has a lot of obstacules and unexpected events and you can either see them as the end of the world or you can see it as opportunity. Make sure that you are not one of those guys that cry about everything instead of going over the obstacules and make the best of the hard times.


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