7 KEYS to become Financially Free

Here are a few actions that you should take to be financially successful:

1 - Save More than you Spend

Instead of buying everything you see on the store just because everyone else has it, or because you want to impress others, its key to stay poor. If you make $1000 a week, you should live from $700 of it and save $300 at least.

2 - Avoid Consumer Debt

People not only want to spend all the money that they make, but they also want to borrow money to buy more things that they don’t need, and how do they borrow it? they use the credit card. People, credit cards ain’t nothing but a lone with a huge interest; so, buying that big screen TV with your credit card will leave you with a debt that will hunt you for years. Stay away from credit card debt.

3 - Have Multiple Sources of Income

Always be looking for opportunities to make more money; lets say you have a job that makes you $3000 a month, you need to find a way to bring more money to your hands; so, find a side hustle that makes you and extra $500 or $1000. Find as many side hustles as you can.

4 - Invest in Yourself

Instead of spending money on that big screen TV; read books, buy courses, take a class; do whatever it takes so that you can learn more. Cultivate your mind.

5 - Avoid Paying Full Cost on Things

Always negotiate on everything; negotiate your rent, negotiate a payment. When investing; instead of going for the company that looks good (Apple, Amazon, Google) go for the ones that are under-priced; by low, sell high.

6 - Don’t Borrow Money Unless it will Make You More Money

The only reason you should borrow money is because that will make your net worth bigger. For example; borrow money if you want to invest on a real estate project that will be making you lots of money. Do not borrow money just to buy stuff that you want to have now, like a new TV set, or have a nice vacation; that will keep you poor.

7 - Learn a Skill that Makes You Money

You don’t need to have several skills to make money; just make sure that you master 1 skill that can make you very successful.

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