Credit Cards: Good or Bad? THE FACTS

If you use them wisely they could help you grow; easier said than done

On today’s wold almost everyone has a credit card of some kind; people

love to live of credit and be able to get all those things that you want by

taking out that plastic and pay it; the world is in your hands. Let me give

you some facts about credit cards

The Good

Some people do have the ability to use the credit cards, pay them before

the cut, and enjoy the benefits that specific credit card gives them.

Unfortunately there are very few people that can actually do this, and by

very few I mean like 10% of all the credit card holders can do this.

The Bad

The Feeling that you get from paying with credit card is completely

different than paying with cash. When you go to the store and pay with a

credit card, you pay and get the plastic back; on contrary when you pay

with cash, you give it away and it doesn’t come back. This will cause that

paying with credit card makes you spend more for the simple fact that you

don’t feel like you are really spending money, is like fake money.

The Ugly

About 90% of credit card holders are not able to pay their credit cards

before the cut, most of them end up paying the minimum which doesn’t

even cover the gigantic interest of your card (30%, 40% or even 70%). They

end up getting thousands of calls from collectors. You have to understand

that credit cards are nothing but a SUPER HIGH interest loan.

Stay Away From Credit Cards

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