Sugar, Not Fat; The Weight Loss Enemy

A substance that is killing us several times more than cocaine and heroine; and is completely legal

When growing up, all we heard was how bad fat is for us; how will fat and cholesterol would kill us if we didn’t keep it under control; but they forgot to tell us about the real poison here, the substance that is really killing us and that is the cause of several illnesses; SUGAR.

Did you know that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine? It also activates way more spots of pleasure in our bodies than cocaine and heroine together? Yes, the real drug that is killing us is sugar, and is presented to us as something not as bad as it is.

These are some facts about sugar that tell us how bad sugar really is for our body:

Sugar causes your glucose levels to go crazy

Unstable blood sugar will make you experience mood swings, fatigue and headaches; just like cocaine. And will also give you cravings that will produce a sense of false hunger in your mind.

Increases obesity, diabetes and heart disease

Research suggest that high sugar intake will increase obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It has also been connected to various forms of cancer.

Weakens your immune system

Sugar can interfere with the way your body fights diseases. For example: bacteria feeds on sugar, so eating more sugar while being sick will make it harder for your body to fight it.

Sugar will make you older faster

Sugar can affect your body composition as well as messing with your skin by contributing to wrinkles and sagging. Also will cause your skin to lose elasticity.

Sugar will mess up your teeth

Just like crystal meth, sugar causes decay more efficiently than any other food. Its important to brush your teeth at least three times a day when consuming lots of sugar to stop it from fueling plaque and bacteria.

Can cause gum disease and kill us with heart disease

Evidence shows that chronic infections, like the ones produced from dental problems, can develop into heart disease. Been sugar a high risk product for our mouth health, it is better to stay away from it.

Increases Stress

When we are under stress, our body release a large amount of hormones. The body has the same chemical response when blood sugar is low. When you eat something sweet the stress hormones will raise your blood sugar levels to compensate for the crash. As a result from this, you will have unexplained anxiousness, irritability, and shakiness. Just like heroine.

Now that you know the bad effects that sugar have in your body, what would you do? will you continue to consume sugar like there is no tomorrow? are you willing to put your life at risk for “something sweet” after lunch?

Do the research, read, learn, and practice what is really safe for you

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