The REAL Way To Get Great Abs - Not the BS You Always Hear

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You probably clicked on the blog post looking for a magic pill or a magic exercise that will help you get the abs you always wanted; but hold on, I´m here to tell you the truth, and there is a way to get great abs, the greatest of them all.

Here is the so kept secret:

You wont have great abs if your mid section is full of fat; you have to get rid of that belly fat if you ever want to see your abs. No exercise will EVER help you, if you don´t lose that belly fat.

Lucky for you I will tell you all you need to know so that you can lose that unwanted fat.

First, you need to understand that genetics will play a big part on the way your abs will look. For example; you will never have an 8 pack or a 10 pack if your genetics are build up for a 6 pack structure; you can see that on The Rock, the guy is in great shape and he still does not have a perfect 6 pack set.

Other thing that you need to know, is that you need to have a 14% fat percentage or lower in order to see your abs.

These are some tips that will help you get rid of the unwanted fat:

Sleep more: the secret about sleeping more is not only for getting ready for the next day; but also, the more you sleep, the less time you will spend eating. Some people need to have a good sleep time so that they don´t have more time to think about food.

Drink more water: make sure you keep yourself full with a lot of water; your body will have that feeling of fullness and wont be asking for lots of food.

Watch your calories: at the end of the day, it´s all about calories in and calories out. You need to be n a caloric deficit in order for you to lose weight, it doesn´t matter if you are eating ¨healthy¨, if you are eating a lot of it. For example; you might be eating nuts, which are healthy, but you could also eat too many nuts and get too much calories into your body.

Eat protein: protein will help you with thermogenesis, that´s because you will need more calories to break down protein. If you eat lots of sugar, your body will not consume too many calories to break them.

Add vegetables to your diet: you can eat a lot of vegetables, which are low in calories, and you will be full for a longer time; meaning that you wont be ingesting more and more food.

Fasting: Fasting is the thing that I recommend the most, fasting will give you just a small window to consume all the food of the day; that way you wont eat too much just because you don´t have the time to eat that much. Here is all you need to know about fasting

These are some other diets that could help you, find the one that works right for you

The Carnivore Diet

The Vegan Diet

The Atkins Diet

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Now that you lost all that unwanted belly fat, it´s time to do some abs exercises. I attached a couple of videos that will take you the right way on the 6 pack journey

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